Spotlight: 100 Books that SHOULD be Written

There is an intelligent, creative individual by the name of Adam Smith who can change our lives, if we let him. His project, 100 Books That SHOULD Be Written, focuses on the aspects of our lives that the publishing world has ignored. He’s designed and collaborated to present 100 titles that honestly would stand to benefit by being published. I’m interested in his ideas mostly because the novels he has posted are equally intriguing, despite the subject matter of each.

Although the project is over, you can read back at the various titles he created on his main blog site. Today, I chose what I thought to be the most daring and somewhat controversial idea.

“If We Paid our Teachers What We Pay Our Celebrities, Maybe One Day We’d Be Smart Enough to Know Better.”

If this novel were an actual published piece of work, it would sell millions. Want to know why? Because teachers have everything that celebrities wish that they had. The reason teachers are being paid less than celebrities is because we undervalue the impact that teachers have on us, while overvaluing the expectations that celebrities have on us. Due to this fact alone, celebrities make billions while teachers make less than the national average.
Think about it. A celebrity makes one successful movie or music album and gets a few million for it. Teachers, who successfully prepare millions of students for their future careers and lives, watch as their finest pupils graduate while working around the clock for the incoming students who will arrive. Their work never stops. And yet their salaries neglect to honor that fact.
Teachers have grit. Their ability to handle hundreds of different personality types, emotional instabilities, unexpected emergencies and inquiries from many different students builds stamina. Their passion for the work that they do is entirely focused on investing their lives in others. Teachers do their work for the students, not for themselves.

Celebrities do not. Celebrities do their work for the fame, the cash, the media attention, and for their own confidence. Some, by this I mean very few, celebrities give back to their communities and acknowledge their fans. Are these acts of kindness simply because they wish they had “better things to do with their wealth and time?” If that’s the case, here’s exactly where the problem lies.

By having “too much money” that they feel like giving back to those less fortunate, celebrities may have an inflated income in the first place. If teachers are scrambling to pay their bills with a crumbling salary, just to stay present for their students every day of the school year, teachers may have the right to a more comfortable income.

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  1. Mmmm…interesting thought

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