A Sugar-Free Sweet Tooth

What a contradiction. Oxymoron!
Call it what you will, I’ve started to rethink our relationships with food. So many stories of people losing control of their appetites, portioning, and falling victim to emotional eating.
It’s a very real issue, and it’s vital we eradicate it as soon as possible. Food is for appreciating: the Earth has gifted us with ways to sustain ourselves. May it be animal, plant or mineral. Regardless of our dietary choices, this obstacle remains present. Even in my own life, I’ve struggled with portion sizes, eating the right foods, and feeling confused about when I was full or not. After many years of trial and error, my knowledge has greatly improved my daily habits and taught me how to make better choices.

Actually making those choices, however, is another story.

The lovely Alex over at Spoonful of Sugar Free has launched another one of her Sugar-Free Challenges for 2012! Been thinking about dropping sugar too? She kicks it up a notch: no artificial sweeteners, unrefined sugars, or even stevia – my saving grace half the time. She does allow fruits in moderation. One thing I appreciate about this challenge is the support system being set in place– she has made a “checklist” available for you to use when monitoring yourself on the challenge.
Check out the main page to get the details. It begins January 1, 2012.


Plus, with options like these I’m pretty excited to make this decision. A challenge friendly peanut butter chocolate cake – click for recipe.

Are you going to join in on the fun? Comment, share, and tweet about this challenge. Don’t forget to comment below, and let me know you’re going sugar free for a month!

What’s one thing you would miss most about going sugar free?

A Sugar-Free Sweet Tooth

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