The New Year’s Resolution You’ll Commit To.

I often receive e-mails from that are playful and entertaining. They’ll send topics like “GreenScopes,” your daily green tip customized per astrological sign. Most of mine are typical Gemini tidbits, like “quit trying to do everything and focus on one important change.” What? Me, scattered? Can’t commit to one topic in a blog? No way.


I decided to scroll through today’s “FoodScope” e-mail and reached a separate article that looked interesting: “The One Resolution You’ll Keep in 2012.” Well, what could I lose by clicking? I thought. Like most articles, it was short and sweet. I decided to read through each sign, relate my particular friends to their respective signs, and gained a little insight into what could potentially be helpful for them in the new year. I also have injected some of my Gemini finesse into reconstructing the article’s advice for you, reader. Here’s my take on your 2012 resolution suggestion:

Aries – Your dynamo personality and innovative ideas are currently two separate entities. Come January 1st, assemble these two into a ground-breaking idea, business plan, or career venture. Shamanistic calligraphy? You can do it.

Taurus – 2012 is the year of awakening for you. For example: purchase a book on Iceland, swing by a used bookstore for “Learn Icelandic,” and you’ll be all set for a trip by October to see Aurora Borealis. Your mind is urging for this kind of expanded perspective on life.

Gemini – Corral your inner untamed multitasker and give it a to-do list. This year is the perfect time to narrow your focus and get the things you want done. You know, the important and creative things.

Cancer – You are comfortable inside your inner sanctuary. Your most thoughtful, provoking moments are found there. Challenge yourself this year and share those insights with others. They are dying to hear what you have to say. Promise.

Leo – Spend some extra time with your air sign friends this year. Start observing the art of communication at it’s worst (Gemini), best (Aquarius), and somewhere inbetween (Libra). The potential to improve your own skill is greatest now. “Before you speak, ask yourself…does it improve upon the silence?” -Buddha

Virgo – Spending extra hours at work or school? Juggling too many projects, or not enough? Next year, begin to schedule in one of the most important projects on your calendar: rest. The planets are literally giving you the extra breathing room.

Libra – What is your life’s purpose? Are you truly living “the dream?” Libra is a dreamer, but a level-headed one. Your projections are doable and once January 1st hits, your mission is to answer these questions with confidence.

Scorpio – To love another is to love yourself. Scorpios struggle with intimacy, and in many cases missing a connection with others correlates with a lack of self-love. 2012 is your special year to take care of yourself by listening to your mind and body. Respect its wishes and take time off when you need it.

Sagittarius – Who needs stress? Not you, that’s for sure. Shake up your schedule by throwing in a new activity that you enjoy. As a matter of fact, switch it up as much as you can! As long as you make room for relaxation, the new year will be a breeze.

Capricorn – The year of the romantic: 2012. For you, Capricorn, seek out opportunities to show love to family, friends, and a special someone in your life. Even if you’re unattached, revisit your relationship to the idea of love and (maybe) redefine it.

Aquarius – “Wherever you are, be there.” This is your theme for the new year, whether you like it or not. Use this to your advantage: when you are working, be the worker. When you are visiting friends, really be with them. This change of focus will be ground-breaking for you.

Pisces – You are the zodiac’s biggest dreamer. The world is your canvas, and you’ve been painting a beautiful design since you were born. The world may have disappointed you, and your paintbrushes may have been set aside for some time now. Take a chance and open up your heart. You will not be disappointed.

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Is your suggestion relevant to you and your life? How does astrology fit into your life? Do you believe it or find it entertaining?

The New Year’s Resolution You’ll Commit To.

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