Love animals? Let’s give them better chances at happy lives.

You know those people who instantly transform into 5 year old children when they see a dog pass by? The ones who bend slightly at the knee, lean forward, and have the goofiest smile on their faces while exclaiming how adorable the “puppy” is, no matter how old or young that dog may be? Something chemical occurs in the minds of those mesmerized by our beloved furry friends.

I know, because I’m that person.

Today’s post is all about cute dogs, young dogs, old dogs, fluffy dogs, tiny dogs, ginormous dogs, funny dogs, human-like dogs, frustrating dogs, and all other dogs on this big ol’ planet Earth.

My mother and stepfather own a Lab-Mastiff mix named Buddy, who was really cute as a puppy.

This is young buddy.

As he grew, something miraculous happened. We discovered he was part Mastiff. We knew something was up when people asked if he was mixed with bear or horse.

He grew. A lot!

I love Buddy so much. He is a gentle dog with a sweet, relaxed disposition. However, if he spots a rabbit in the woods, he will run and his primal instinct kicks in. This same mechanism causes him to find the UPS man a threat, and the mail man. No one else seems to get this kind of treatment. Poor postage carriers. I apologize for his apparent prejudices against the modern postal system.

Then, there’s Ke’koa. My uncle’s Husky dog is another one of my favorites. He is just as easygoing as Buddy, except he has a tiny quirk.

Kekoa and I in 2009

If you leave him unattended without his daily walk or run, he will go and independently get his exercise on his own via, well, alternatives. There is no fence he can’t scale or dig under, and no leash he can’t unlatch from. This dog takes his cardiovascular health seriously. My uncle is extremely frustrated by this, but I find it hilarious and kind of adorable.

If he was my dog 24/7, I might change this perspective. But ignorance is bliss, and Ke’koa is still cute.

Husky dogs may have a special, preserved, untouched, rather large portion of my animal-loving heart though.

Moving on.

I love animals and believe they deserve as much support and help as they can get. As humans, we can access a very loud and understandable method of communicating: our voices, our words, our actions, and our universal connection as all being a portion of the human race. Animals, however, often get swept to the side. I believe this is due to the fact that they cannot express themselves in a way that we can clearly understand. If a stray dog looking for a meal to eat in a world of garbage and polluted streets could speak English, what would he tell the first person he came across?

Would you listen?

Many people adopt animals from local shelters. However, over 60% of the animals admitted to shelters are euthanized every year. Imagine if the entire population of Tibet were eradicated every 365 days– that is 3,219 people daily. How do we solve the issues surrounding animal shelters, including brand recognition, raising relative adoption percentages, and keeping the pet population at a controlled, comfortable level?

The Seattle Animal Shelter is active in my community toward improving these depressing statistics and encouraging local adoptions based on owner-pet connections, rather than selective breeding methods that often result in the animals being sheltered for “personal preferences.”

One way I’m getting directly involved is by running the Furry 5K this year in Seattle. It is on Sunday, June 10 at Seward Park– a beautiful location for this year’s participants! Did I mention this 5K allows you to walk or run with your leashed dog? So cool!

My job, as an advocate for animal awareness and support, is to encourage those locally to donate their time or money to Seattle Animal Shelter. As a 5K runner this year, my personal goal is to raise $300 with the help of my family, friends, and (if I’m lucky) you, the reader! Your support speaks volumes when a smaller, community-minded business receives direct donations. My promise is to make each donor known, loud and clear, on the day of the race and to the Seattle Animal Shelter. This is to let them know how large the network of support is for animal lovers all over the world.
Join me in giving.
E-mail me at to donate.

What are your thoughts on animal shelters, the Furry 5K, donating to good causes?

“It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” -Mother Theresa

Love animals? Let’s give them better chances at happy lives.

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