fantastic resources

I wanted to create a collection of some of my absolute favorite bloggers and websites that have assisted me throughout the years for you, because it can be challenging to know who or what you’re looking for. Many blogs are misleading at first glance, while others are just too complicated to try and figure out!
I’ve organized my favorite links into sections: Food, Health & Wellness, Eco-Green Living, and D.I.Y for Dummies.


Chocolate Covered Katie: Vegan, mostly gluten-free, low sugar baking superhero (Chocolate Lover of the Century award winner.)
Edible Perspective: Upbeat, enthusiastic people person with a knack for photography, gluten-free cooking and baking, as well as an engaging style with her readers.
Spoonful of Sugar Free: Dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free recipes that will make your mouth water!

health & wellness

Fitnessista: Health-conscious exercise guru with a cute dog and healthy sense of humor. Very valuable exercise & nutrition advice with information links that are easy to navigate.

eco-green living

EatDrink Better: A collection of eco-friendly, nutrition, and health/wellness articles geared toward the green-minded. Diverse resource.

If your blog is an undiscovered jewel, please link it up to me via comments or e-mails! I love reading everyone’s personal stories, journeys, recipes, and blogs!

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